From left to right: Jean Paul, Felipe and José David.

We are students of informatics and mechanics engineering from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM) in Valparaíso and a software engineer, our Feria de Software client, from the Paranal Observatory in the II Antofagasta Region, Chile. For the Software Engineering (ILI-225), Software Development Workshop (ILI-228) and Degree Workshop (IEI-311) courses, we formed the ScanTec group.

After the Paranal engineer showed to us the main idea as a solution to improving the quality control process for observatory pieces, we elaborated a proposal during the months of March and April in 2016, followed by a project plan between April and July in the same year. Following the approval of both, the execution phase began in August 2016, and the project has since been developed in our own homes, in the Laboratorio de Proyectos Informáticos (Informatics Projects Laboratory) of the Departamento de Informática of the UTFSM and in the Programa de Iniciativas Estudiantiles (Student Initiative Program, or PIE>A) laboratory —depicted in the photo above—, also from the UTFSM.

Project Chief
Works on the software architecture, image processing techniques implementation in Jupyter noteboks and machine design.

Works in the SuperScanner printable hardware design using 3D animation and modelling software.

Works in creating Jupyter modules in Python which interact with external programs in order to reconstruct tridimensional models from images.

Eduardo Peña
Stakeholder who influenced the course of the system architecture.

Quentin Duffeau
Worked in designing the software architecture.

Gabriel Celis A.
Worked in the SuperScanner hardware design using 3D modelling and construction programs.